Greetings Friends and Neighbors, 

The morning air is thick with Mist after the first rain in many weeks. I meet Young Fox playing in the Farm’s vegetable garden, where he has found cow and sheep bones that survived their journey through the stock pot and then the compost pile. He pulls on a large shank – Thelma’s shin bone I realize – and looks right up at me, as to inquire whether I might want to join in a game. Keep-away or Fetch? I remember Thelma, a tall, hard-working Jersey Cow with a very particular personality, a dear friend for over a decade. Young Fox’s eyes are bright with mischief and a love of life, just like Thelma’s always were. It seems – when I am willing to pay close enough attention – that the World is everywhere whispering invitations back into relationship. 

The Stand last Friday was a lively and joyful place. We sent home our first 12 ‘Preservation Kits’ with neighbors who generously agreed to chop and wilt greens to help us fill the Farm’s Winter Soup Freezer. We will have more of these ‘Preservation Kits’ for pickup this Friday at Soup and Bread Gift Distribution. To make 16 gallons of soup each week – 180 bowls-worth – takes a lot of vegetables, and so we will work diligently through the fall on Gleaning and Preserving. Do you have broccoli leaves or brussels sprout leaves in your garden? We can use them for Soups. Herbs that you would be willing to dry? The Farm is emerging as a sort of ‘Community Homestead,’ and we are excited to invite you to join us in this old-fashioned work. 

Last week’s Letter included news that our Budget was a long way out with just a week left in the month, and some questions about whether the work seemed worthwhile. In the 4 days after that Letter went out, over $3000 arrived in financial gifts, completing the budget with a little bit to spare. To each and every of these Gift Givers – Thank You. Last evening, with great pleasure, I shared your resounding affirmation with the Farm Team at our weekly meeting. The good news inspired our work to finalize plans for the infrastructure improvements and other expenditures that will keep the Gift Stand operating through the Winter:

Hoophouse Renovation – Sunday 10/4 and Sunday 10/11 during our Work Days (2-5pm) we will clean out and repair the end walls to ready the new home for our Winter Gift Stand. We would love your help with this exciting project. Carpenters welcome, especially for the 11th when we will re-frame the entry door.   

Cow Barn Raising – The weekends of 10/17 and 10/24 (Saturday, with Sunday as a rain date) we will build a 40’x15’ run-in shed for our small herd of cows. Do you have some carpentry experience? Interested in learning a bit? The lumber other materials for the barn were given as a gift by three of our neighbors. These will be festive days for the Brush Brook community, and we would love to have you join us. There will be opportunities to sign up to contribute a dish for the mid-day meal that will sustain the work crews. Mark your calendar and look for details in next week’s Newsletter. 

Additional Hay Purchase The drought of the past 6 weeks has caused grass growth to slow or stop completely. As a result, we need to begin feeding hay at least a month earlier than anticipated. Hay is also in short supply, but we have been able to locate 20 additional round bales at $60 each, for a total cost of $1200. Would you be willing to buy a bale for the sheep and cows? You can send a check for $60 to PO Box 202, Huntington, VT, or make a secure gift here.

Here is what you will find in this letter:

  1. SOUP and BREAD GIFT DISTRIBUTION 10/2 – Details and Menu
  2. WORK DAY and Potluck Picnic: Sunday 10/4, 2-5pm – click here for details:
  3. Vegetable Preservation Request for Assistance
  4. FINANCIAL GIFT REQUESTS – detailed October Budget

With Great Care, 

Ava, Erik, Collin, Evan and Adam – The Brush Brook Community Farm Team

SOUP and BREAD GIFT DISTRIBUTION: Friday 10/2, 4:00 -6:00 pm, 4582 Main Road, Huntington, VT


  1. Brush Brook Soup – Roasted Squash, Tomato, Greens, Beef, Garlic, Herbs, Bone Broth.  
  2. Vegetarian Soup – Pureed Sweet Potato, Cucumber, Tomato, Garlic.

Please bring a pint or quart container with you from home and we will fill it for you. 

    BREADS:  Mountain Wheat, Polenta, 3 Seed, Rye, Sprouted Grain, Backcountry Loaf (gf)

Would you consider coming by for bread and soup for your household, and/or some to drop off to a neighbor on your way home?

WORK DAY and Potluck Picnic

These gatherings are close to the heart of what we do. Work is outside with ample opportunity for precautionary distancing. Find updated information here:

Vegetable Preservation Request for Assistance

In preparation for making Soup every week from Local ingredients, we are preparing Greens and other Vegetables for the Freezer. Would you be willing to help us by freezing a batch at home? We will have Preservation Kits (greens, instructions and containers) for pickup each Friday at the Gift Stand, 4-6pm. 

BUDGET UPDATE: Thank you for Considering the October Budget

Many heartfelt thanks to all who have responded to these invitations by sending in Financial Gifts. If you would like to support our work, you can mail checks made out to Brush Brook Community Farm to PO Box 202, Huntington, VT, 05462, bring gifts to the Friday Gift Stand, or donate through the website. We are 100% financially supported by these personal financial gifts. 

Brush Brook Community Farm and Bakery – Oct. Budget

As of 10/1
Gifts Received(Balance from Sept)  $          200.00
Estimated Expenses for October
Production Expenses
Bread Ingredients & Packaging  $          1,115.50 
Bakery Overhead (Insur., Electric, etc.)  $            555.86 
Bakery Rent  $            300.00 
Farm Expenses $           1,550.00 
Farm/Bakery Team Requested Gifts
Adam Wilson Personal Living (full time)  $            648.08 
Adam Wilson Rent  $            200.00 
Erik Weil (part time) Rent/Housing   $            500.00 
Collin McCarthy (part time) Utilities   $            100.00 
Cow Barn Purchased Materials  $            500.00 
Estimated Federal/State Taxes  $            351.22 
Paypal Fees   $            150.00 
Total  $          5,970.66 
Balance  $         (5770.66)

Support the Farm & Bakery

The operations of Brush Brook Community Farm & Bakery are maintained by neighborly working hands and financial gifts. Your generous monetary support propels the gift of food forward to those open to receiving it.

Thank you!