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Your belief and support in this project is truly a gift. Your thoughtful contribution to the Farm & Bakery helps circulate the gift of food to those open to receiving it.

To help create an agricultural gift economy, the efforts at Brush Brook Community Farm & Bakery stem from Lewis Hyde’s thoughtful work on gift exchanges. Hyde tells us that:

"When a gift passes from hand to hand, it becomes the binder of many wills. What gathers in it is not only sentiment of generosity but the affirmation of individual goodwill, making of those separate parts a unanimous heart, a band whose wills are focused through the lens of the gift." [1]

Thank you for joining the heart of this work.

Warm Regards,
The Brush Brook Community Farm & Bakery Team

[1] Excerpt adapted from Hyde, Lewis. 1979: 45. The Gift. Vintage Books: New York, NY.