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Newsletter 4/30/20

By johnh | April 30, 2020

Newsletter 4/30/20 Updated: 4/30/20 Greetings Friends and Neighbors, What happens when the beauty that surrounds you begins to build up and applies a mounting pressure upon your ability to proceed through your daily routines? How does one keep the Flood Gates of Gratitude closed long enough to get through the day’s list of must-do’s? In…

Newsletter 4/23/20

By johnh | April 23, 2020

Updated: 4/23/20 Greetings Friends and Neighbors, By the warmth of the woodstove I write this note, just in from helping to assemble the historic, hand-crafted pavilion that will provide a new home for Friday Bread Gift Distribution, an event that has quickly outgrown the parking and space under the pop-up tent in the Bakery driveway.…

Newsletter, April 15, 2020

By johnh | April 22, 2020

Greetings Friends and Neighbors, Coming into week three of Friday Bread Gift Distributions it seems proper to offer some description of what giving hundreds of loaves of bread away actually looks like on the ground. Here is what you can find in this letter: 1. STORIES from the Bread Distribution2. INVITATION and Details for Tomorrow’s Pickup3. VISION for an Agricultural Gift…



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