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weekly updates and perspectives from Huntington valley 

Weekly Bread & Soup Distribution

Friday June 11  |  4-6pm

bread and soup to take home for anyone who is hungry for any reason.

Join us for a Work Day!

Sundays  |  1-4pm

soup making, garden tending, barn building, bed prepping; socially distanced

What would it look like to trade personal preference for willing participation in a more-than-human landscape?


Could we allow ourselves to be claimed by the specific place where we live by setting down outworn stories of freedom, self-reliance and limitless possibility? 





What other stories would we tell instead?

Brush Brook Community Farm and Bakery is home to a burgeoning Agricultural Gift Economy located in Huntington, Vermont. As an environmental initiative, the Farm’s mission is aimed at reawakening the mutually sustaining relationships between humans and the natural world. The Farm employs sustainable, cooperative, and deeply local growing and gleaning practices to procure food which is given away as gifts.

What's New at Brush Brook Community Farm & Bakery

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

June 9, 2021

Greetings Friends and Neighbors, Orchard Grasses set out their finest plumes this week – creamy yellow flower heads laden with pollen – which they release as gently drifting clouds upon the slightest rustle of their long stems. Human bodies ask Brook’s cold water to rinse dusty arms and legs and to ease fatigue from heavy…

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