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Newsletter 2/24/21

By johnh | February 24, 2021

Photo by Ben Sklar Greetings Friends and Neighbors,  It is Sunday morning. Sky has cleared during the night and so first light bleeds across the sky early and with great strength. Liquid, golden Sun pours over the high Eastern Ridge and begins to fill the bowl made by the lower Western Wall of the narrow…

Newsletter 2/17/21

By johnh | February 17, 2021

Photo by Ben Sklar Greetings Friends and Neighbors,  Last Saturday the hoophouse – graciously warmed by Sun from below zero to warm-enough – buzzed with life. Many of our neighbors stopped by for Soup and Bread, and a few bundled and masked words of greetings and thanks. We are so grateful to you all for…

Newsletter 2/10/21

By johnh | February 10, 2021

Photo by John Hadden Greetings Friends and Neighbors,  Woodpecker calls out by beating his beak against the trunks of carefully chosen hardwood trees in the narrow band of woods along Brush Brook, the shallow, singing, cobbled stream that flows through the heart of the Farm. Brook lies mostly covered-over with Ice and Snow, and so…

Newsletter 2/3/21

By johnh | February 3, 2021

Photo by Emily Greetings Friends and Neighbors,  Cold, achingly clear air enters the Valley from the Northwest, riding on a breeze that whispers a reminder of how thin the line can be between life and, well, the absence of life. Each in-breath nips at the soft lining of the throat. Each out-breath carries heat away…

Newsletter 1/27/21

By johnh | January 27, 2021

Photo by Adam Wilson Greetings Friends and Neighbors,  North Wind howled and nipped at exposed skin as the Farm Team worked to clear Snow from the parking lot and walkways. Would anyone show up for Gift Distribution on a day like this? Would we be able to keep the Bread and Soup – and our…

Newsletter 1/20/21

By johnh | January 20, 2021

Photo by John Hadden Greetings Friends and Neighbors,  Heavy snow bends Hemlock branches to the ground. Without Wind, even the smallest twigs of old Apple hold up huge white pillows. The landscape is full of whimsy. Animal tracks, accumulated over the past weeks, are now covered-over by this same whiteness – the teachers’ many scribbled…

Newsletter 1/13/21

By johnh | January 13, 2021

Photo by Ben Sklar Greetings Friends and Neighbors,  How does one respond with courage to a world in freefall? This past week I spent many hours walking the fields and woods, listening for words worth adding to the fray, the frenzy of a collapsing mutual life. I wrote those words down and include them here…

Newsletter 1/6/21

By johnh | January 6, 2021

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,  New Snow overnight – fallen through warm and windless air – clings to every branch and twig. Owl sits watch over the clearing from an inner limb of tall Hemlock beside the house. Deer left tracks in the night, digging for the last of the fall Turnips and Kale. Last week…

Newsletter 12/30/20

By johnh | December 30, 2020

Photo by John Hadden Greetings Friends and Neighbors,  Nearly-Full Moon begins her ascent from behind the high Eastern Ridge, where the last of Sun’s light has been gathered up by brilliant white, Snow-encrusted alpine Spruce. As she catches your eye, she reaches out to steal one of your breaths. Stop for a moment. Please. Behold…

Newsletter 12/23/20

By johnh | December 23, 2020

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,  Twenty ewes graze beside the narrow path from the house. Glenys – the matriarch of the flock – walks to my side and lowers her head for me to scratch between her shoulder blades. The flock is calm and quiet this evening in a way I have not seen in months.…



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