The Bakery


But there are also many hands-on labors needed to make the whole thing run: from technical support and bookkeeping, to carpentry, brush clearing, child care, automotive repair, butchering, food preservation, cleaning and maintenance. Requests, or invitations, will be offered so that people can imagine all of the creative, non-monetary ways that they can get involved with sustaining of the Farm and the Bakery.

For over a decade, the Bakery, previously known now as Running Stone Bread, has offered traditional whole-grain breads, milled and baked from locally-grown wheat, rye and corn. The whole wheat, rye, and corn grains are purchased from three local farmers, and the relationships with these dedicated land stewards have shaped the bakery, the baker and the look and flavor of the bread. 

As the work of Brush Brook Community Farm has expanded over the past year, the Bakery has joined the Farm in its foundational practice of Gift Economy.  Money will still be required to purchase some ingredients, pay the electric bill, the rent, and the few modest living expenses of the baker and the farmers who tend daily to the health of all that is growing at the Farm and Bakery. Hence, the bakery budget, along with the budget for the Farm, will be made available with full transparency and all will be invited to consider what gifts they might have to give. For some, these gifts will be monetary. If the budget is not met, the experiment will end or change shape.