Greetings Friends and Neighbors, 

Snowflakes fall sideways this morning, riding a cold and steady North Wind. Finding the ground eventually, they form a thin white blanket in the meadow where the Cows graze on still-green grasses and sweet turnips – planted for them on a scorching day back in July. Last Saturday we hosted Soup and Bread Gift Distribution less than 24 hours after the Governor announced new sweeping restrictions on social gatherings, with fear and uncertainty blowing on that same North Wind. We cancelled our outdoor lunch service, offering just Bread and Soup to take home. Would anyone come, we wondered as we stood there, masks on and looking out at an empty parking lot. And yet they did come, so many of the Friends and Neighbors we have come to know and love over the course of the Summer and Fall. Emotions ran high for all who arrived, including all of us on the Farm Team. As if on cue, Sherry arrived with a gift, neatly wrapped with a bow. “Should we open it now?” I asked. She shook her head yes, and so with the Team gathered around I carefully untied and unrolled a banner that reads:

Brush Brook Farm Community:
Our Love, Grief and Gratitude
Are Unmasked.
And our Community Connections
Are Growing Closer.

We are thrilled to invite you to this week’s Soup and Bread Gift Distribution, Saturday 11am – 1pm, where we will have hundreds of loaves of fresh Bread and Soup made from carefully grown and gleaned local ingredients, all offered as a gift to anyone who is hungry for any reason. Distribution will be outside, following proper precautionary procedures. We will have a modified Work Day on Saturday from Noon – 3pm. In the large airy greenhouse, we will have tables set up for 4-5 people to work with masks washing and chopping vegetables for next week’s Soup. We will also work on finishing the Cow Barn and Fencing, an outdoor project that could utilize 4 or 5 people with masks and carpentry skills. You can find more information here: bit.ly/brushbrookworkdays.

We received many remarkably generous financial gifts over the past week – a total of $1780 – and thus our remaining Budget Request for the month of November stands at $3342. Thank you for helping us to sustain this work at a time when we are asked to consider both ‘what is essential?’ and ‘what is of service?’ We are incredibly grateful for your support. You can make a gift HERE.

Our neighbor and artist Deana Allgaier will offer some of her painting in an online auction and give all of the proceeds to three mutual aid efforts here in town, including Brush Brook. Thank you, Deana! You can view and bid on the paintings here: https://www.facebook.com/deana.novembrino


Here is what you will find in this letter:

  2. FINANCIAL GIFT REQUEST – detailed November Budget

With Great Care, 

Ava, Erik, Collin, Evan and Adam – The Brush Brook Community Farm Team

SOUP and BREAD GIFT DISTRIBUTION: Saturday 11/18, 11am - 1 pm


  1. Brush Brook Soup – Roasted Squash & Turnips, Tomato, Broccoli, Beef, Garlic, Herbs, Bone Broth.  
  2. Vegetarian Soup – Pureed Sweet Potato, Cucumber, Tomato, Garlic.

Please bring a mask with you and wear warm clothes. We will have Soup and Bread to take home, and encourage you to bring quart containers from home for us to fill for you.

BUDGET UPDATE: Thank you for considering the November Budget 

Many heartfelt thanks to all who have responded to these invitations by sending in Financial Gifts. If you would like to support our work, you can mail checks made out to Brush Brook Community Farm to PO Box 202, Huntington, VT, 05462, bring gifts to the Gift Stand, or donate through the website. We are 100% financially supported by these personal financial gifts. 

Brush Brook Community Farm and Bakery – Nov. Budget

As of 11/18
Gifts Received in Nov – Thank you!  $          2578.00
Estimated Expenses for November
Production Expenses
Bread Ingredients & Packaging  $          1,115.50 
Bakery Overhead (Insur., Electric, etc.)  $            555.86 
Bakery Rent  $            300.00 
Farm Expenses $           1,550.00 
Farm/Bakery Team Requested Gifts
Adam Wilson Personal Living (full time)  $            648.08 
Adam Wilson Rent  $            200.00 
Erik Weil (part time) Rent/Housing   $            500.00 
Collin McCarthy (part time) Utilities   $            100.00 
Cow Barn Purchased Materials  $            200.00 
Estimated Federal/State Taxes  $            351.22 
Paypal Fees   $            150.00 
Total  $          5,670.66 
Negative Balance from October              (250.00)
Remaining Balance Requested  $         (3,342.66)

Support the Farm & Bakery

The operations of Brush Brook Community Farm & Bakery are maintained by neighborly working hands and financial gifts. Your generous monetary support propels the gift of food forward to those open to receiving it.

Thank you!