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Weekly Bread & Soup Distribution

Saturdays  |  11am-1pm

bread and soup to take home, and served warm, for anyone who is hungry for any reason.

Join us for a Work Day!

soup making, garden tending, barn building, winter readying; socially distanced

Brush Brook Community Farm

Brush Brook Community Farm and Bakery is home to a burgeoning Agricultural Gift Economy located in Huntington, Vermont. As an environmental initiative, the Farm’s mission is aimed at reawakening the mutually sustaining relationships between humans and the natural world. The Farm employs sustainable, cooperative, and deeply local growing and gleaning practices to procure food which is given away as gifts.

What's New at Brush Brook Community Farm & Bakery

Newsletter 10/21/20

October 21, 2020

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,  Gone are the endless days of sunshine and dust underfoot. Come are the days of heavy cloud cover and persistent rain showers. And so our schedule once again bows to the Weather. We are thrilled to invite you to Saturday Soup and Bread Gift Distribution, Noon-3pm, where all food is offered…

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4582 Main Rd

Huntington, VT 05462