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What would it look like to trade personal preference for willing participation in a more-than-human landscape?


Could we allow ourselves to be claimed by the specific place where we live by setting down outworn stories of freedom, self-reliance and limitless possibility? 





What other stories would we tell instead?

Brush Brook Community Farm and Bakery has been home to an experimental Agricultural Gift Economy located in Huntington, Vermont. As an environmental initiative, the Farm’s mission is aimed at reawakening the mutually sustaining relationships between humans and the nonhuman world. The Farm employs sustainable, cooperative, and deeply local growing and gleaning practices to procure food which is given away as Gifts.

What's New at Brush Brook Community Farm & Bakery

Newsletter 11/10/21

November 10, 2021

The FarmThe BakeryOur MissionGift EconomyNewsletters Greetings Friends and Neighbors, The herd matriarchs – Josie, Tigger, Sweet Pea, Loretta and Topsy – stand with willing resignation as we adorn them. Or is it ‘adore’ them? We’ve made garlands for their necks – Hemlock and Pine boughs, dried Corn tassels, Goldenrod fuzz, silver Willow – and gathered cowbells…

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